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Theresa, a seasoned SAT expert, has coached over 200 students,  spanning ten years and over 2000 hours. She created “How to Cut Your SAT/ACT Prep Time in Half” series, in order to present short-cuts and strategies for students who want to optimize their prep time.  She combines an intensive knowledge of the SAT/ACT testing methods, with a razor-sharp ability to focus on each student’s true strengths. Via a combination of intuition and knowledge,  Theresa has been successful in raising students’ scores 160-310 points, with courses sometimes as brief as 5 sessions.

She prides herself on delivering a highly customized tutoring method. Each student’s individualized curriculum is  designed to complement his/her school courses, motivational level, and analytic skills. For example, she might connect for the student, the analysis of vocabulary families with understanding patterns in music or foreign languages. She also uses theater arts or team sports to cue into a student’s morivation.

A parent of three college grads, Theresa values the support of families. Thus, she gives timely feedback to both parents and students. Students benefit because they are able to practice more efficient learning skills, while overcoming old habits. At the same time, parents are given critical updates on achievements or areas of challenge.

One-on-one classes may be scheduled to optimize the needs of the student. No two students are alike, and Theresa enjoys the challenge of unlocking each student’s “secret sauce” to learning.  She looks forward to meeting your student, and setting up a plan so she can  achieve her best success.

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Theresa tutored my twin sons this past year, for the SAT and ACT tests.  She was terrific! Theresa was able to discern their strengths and weaknesses very quickly and then created a study/prep program uniquely suited to each of their capabilities.   She has a wonderful way about her, was always warm, calm, and extremely positive.   I would strongly recommend her to any family in search of an outstanding tutor.

— parent of 2 freshman, U. of Chicago, Tulane U., ’17

Our daughter, M., is going to be a freshman at University of Rochester!  Thanks to your infinite patience, practice , and confidence in her, she got to her first choice school. We are thrilled and cannot thank you enough!

– Parents of freshman, U. of Rochester, ’17


Hey Theresa!!!

I just got my SAT scores back and they are fantastic.  I got a 770 in math (Up 90), 690 in writing (Up 90), and a 690 in reading (Up 60).  A total of 2150 compared to my old score of 1910.  I got a 10 on my essay.  Thank you so much for all your help.  

12th grader, Greenwich H.S., who won a significant scholarship to Northeastern Univ.


“Dear Ms Michna.
Our son’s experience tutoring with you could not have been more positive. Though B. already had strong scores on his Oct. SATs, you helped him perform better – earning another 150 pts to his score. In addition, he gained confidence in his test taking and essay writing ability.
He was really a much happier student after your sessions.
Since our son is interested in studying chemical engineering, your coaching will help him write a stronger application essay. Thank you so much.”
–Parents of a Freshman, RPI, ’16

Theresa met with a small group of students in our school, who were identified as needing individualized support for the SAT. She did an excellent job of connecting with and supporting our high school students, some of whom were a little overwhelmed by the exam. She made them feel comfortable while maintaining a focus on the task at hand. She was knowledgeable, precise, and approachable; and the students were eager to work with her. Her assistance and generosity were greatly appreciated. “
-E. M., Director of College Guidance, Cristo Rey School, NYC

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