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Theresa Michna is dedicated to developing and enhancing the academic success of every student. Her aim is to find a powerful, customized approach that best suits the student, the educational material, and his/her goals.

Theresa’s unique experiences in education both in the U.S. and internationally, help her to stretch each student’s talent to the fullest. Furthermore, she is a firm believer in The Power of a Positive Mindset, proposed by Carol Dweck, PhD. A Positive Mindset creates the foundation for maximum learning of content and new techniques.

Collaboration is the key to Theresa’s coaching approach. With years of experience working on school committees and executive leadership on a major International School Board, she recognizes that educational problem solving is best approached by a team of parent, student, and teacher.


Theresa Michna, M.A. is an accomplished educator who has taught many years in schools and colleges in the U.S. and in Europe. She holds an undergraduate degree from Cornell University in psychology, an M.A. from Indiana University in European Studies, and a Certificate from Cambridge University (CELTA), in Teaching English as a Second Language.

A 30-yr Larchmont resident, she has worked for over fifteen years as a high school teacher, college adjunct, and United Nations language trainer. At the U.N., she designed a specialized curriculum for Writing for U.N. Atomic Energy scientists. For nine years, she taught English as a Second Language in the American International School (AIS) in Vienna . She also served on the Executive Board of the American International School, 2004-06, and was college recruiter as Chairperson of the Cornell University Alumni Affairs Association in Austria, 2004-2007.

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Thank you very much for your ACT v. SAT program. Programs such as yours are an essential contribution to the vitality which makes Larchmont the vibrant community it is.”  — Larchmont Public Library

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She has taught on the faculty of an International School in Tarrytown, where she specialized in SAT I (Math, Verbal, Writing) and Advanced Writing for Graduate students. She has also been an Adjunct at Pace University and Manhattanville College.   She is an adjunct teacher  of the French American School (FASNY) in Larchmont, and tutors students throughout lower Westchester and Riverdale.

For the past five years, she has been a frequent educational speaker on college admissions issues at schools and libraries, and is an educational contributor to Larchmont Patch magazine. She was a curriculum writer for the United Nations IAEA in 2008 and and a co-editor of an historic Fiftieth Year Anniversary volume at the United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency (2007).

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