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Roll-up-your-sleeves for college writing workshops 2014

We coach students to put themselves in the limelight.  Students, tell a unique story. And tell it in your own voice. From baseball leadership, to lacrosse team member, to theater experiences, or  helping younger cousins learn to read, any topic can make you shine.  A stellar essay puts you ahead of the application pile. Our results speak for themselves: Ninety-three percent of our students have been accepted by one of their top three schools.



Fall of 2013 , a dozen high school seniors had the opportunity to truly express themselves through their Common Application Essays.  We saw growth, humor, insight,  self-actualization in progress,  as students navigated the challenging process of  drafting cohesive essays.  At the finish line, most students felt that they had succeeded beyond their expectations!  And ninety-three percent of these students were accepted by one of their top three schools!

FEARLESS Essay Writing for grades 8- College

We have given this workshop five years in a row, with great success to high schoolers.
Our creative classes, designed for high school to college-age students, heartily promote a student’s written and speaking skills. In addition, through writing about personal passions and hobbies, a student quickly enhances his /her vocabulary, and rises to express his/her opinions in a lively way. Their enjoyment is palpable.

These original workshops can be adapted for levels from middle school to college-age students. Though there are written guidelines for writing and gathering ideas, students are encouraged to follow their own journeys. We promise that this seminar promotes strong writing skills, analysis, and confidence in articulation. Finally, your student has the advantage of one-on-one, connection with a teacher who is a published journalist, free lance writer, and parent.

Some topics developed from recent Workshops: The Business of Major League Baseball, theater reviews,  Lacrosse and leadership, and Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone. By having one-on-one feedback with a published writer and experienced writing artist, the student has unlimited opportunities for personal growth.

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