Graduate Exams

Our mission is to teach students how to master the seemingly difficult questions for these graduate exams. With our years of testing experience, we will show you how to analyze math or critical reading questions, interpret data sufficiency questions, and gain more points on your scores. At the graduate level, we recognize that each student brings a wealth of individual knowledge. He/she also has developed a unique learning style. Therefore, we try to appeal to a student’s intuition, previous knowledge base, specialized interests, and personal learning style.
Whether a student has expertise in chess, in international law, or is passionate about ecology, we try to utilize these skills in enhancing his/her performance.

GRE and GMAT prep is offered in private or small group tutoring. Our groups are no larger than three, to offer optimal skill development for each student. Questions from data interpretation to reading comprehension are handled in a step-by step logical fashion.  Differing strategies for intuiting and choosing correct answers are discussed and analyzed.
Finally, the writing of the GRE and GMAT essays present a distinct challenge for the graduate student. The required writing skill is completely different from the skills usually taught in university courses. Despite this diffierence, however, we believe the skill can be learned and practiced, under Theresa’s steady guidance.
Don’t let the GRE’s difficult essay prompts confound you. With incisive instruction, you will learn how to write clear, concise, and to-the-point essays.

Theresa’s ideas were fresh and exciting, and when implemented, engaged the class completely. Theresa is a real team player and always has the best interests of her students at heart. She is a real mentor, and may I add, her students love her!  Her leadership skills are the best! “
— Teacher/colleague from an International School

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