Cut your SAT Critical Reading Prep in Half

You Can Cut Your SAT Prep Time in Half

While lazy summer days lie ahead for most juniors, don’t lose sight of the start of college test prep in August. This all-important step starts for most juniors at the end of July or beginning of August. High school students should celebrate the longer days, but also be sure that they are making the most of relaxing summer evenings. Don’t worry. From an expert who has helped hundreds of students prep for their SAT/ACT exams—there are shortcuts. Here are some hands-on tips that may drastically cut your test prep time in half.

I. Critical Reading

• Half the battle in choosing the right answer is knowing how to eliminate the poor answers. These “clunker” answers often sound off-topic, or do not satisfy the text “100%.” (The SAT only looks for answers that fit 100% with the passage.)
• Practice a zig-zag reading style to switch between the reading passage and the questions.
• Don’t get stuck in difficult passages by over-spending time to analyze the text. Instead, learn to skim the passage quickly, then go immediately to the questions for cues.
• If you don’t know the answer right away, move quickly on to the next question; this is what the most successful test-takers do.
• Once you can eliminate two answers, then guess; it takes some confidence to do this, but with practice you will adroit at guessing.

II. Enlarge your vocabulary of recognition:

• By now, you should have been reading a handy vocabulary builder such as Hot Words for SAT by Carnevale, or checking online games like Quizlet or Free Rice. (If you haven’t tried these resources, make sure to check them out over the summer.)
• Remember that fill-in questions get progressively harder, so if you don’t get the last two in each section, don’t worry.
• For two-word fill-ins – try identifying one word first, then matching the second one as best as you can. It’s more logic than pure vocabulary.

Oh, have I forgotten the math SAT section? Not a chance. Students can learn to cut their math prep time in half. Just stay tuned for my next blog.

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