How to Cut Your Math SAT Prep in Half

Aha moment in math

Aha moment in math

Five Steps to Aha !

I’ve distilled the five most essential steps, to help you arrive at the correct math solution.

Try these critical solution strategies when you practice math:
1. BACKsolve the Answer Choices (Use the answers given.)
2. PIN Numbers (Plug in a number that you have chosen.)
3. Read carefully; UNDERLINE what the question is asking.
4. DIAGRAM the Question
5. Eliminate 2-3 answers, then guess. (Eliminate answers that are too large, off the scale.)

Master these steps well.  Your brain may receive an AHA.

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Theresa Xia Michna, M.A. has prepared students for the SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT exams for over a decade. Most recently, she has led STEAM workshops in schools in Westchester. STEAM enriches the study of math, engineering, technology, through an appreciation for artistic problem solving. She is truly delighted to be able to merge the creativity of math with so many other skills. She also coaches students in college essays through her specially designed College Application Essay Workshops. A published writer, she has written English curriculum at the United Nations, Vienna, been an adjunct at Manhattanville College and Pace University, and taught English at the American International School in Vienna, Austria.
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