Cut Your SAT Grammar Rules in Half


 Cut Your SAT Grammar Rules in Half

SAT Grammar has you down?  Take heart.  You CAN dramatically slash your study time, providing you know how to sort rules.  The following common error categories were identified by the most skillful SAT test gurus.

The first four categories of errors appear the MOST frequently on the SAT.  The rest appear in descending order of frequency. Our recommendation?  Learn the first four categories thoroughly before you embark on the SAT Writing test.

First, refer to the Collegeboard Book for basic explanation of each error type.  Then, go to another  well-known source for a sharper understanding.

Errors in Grammar, by Category

1) Subject-Verb Agreement

2) Verb Tense

3) Pronoun Case

4) Antecedent Pronoun (Pronoun Agreement)

5) Adjective vs. Adverb

6) Parallelism

7) Prepositions

8) Faulty Comparisons

9) Comparatives vs. Superlatives

10) Double negatives/Double positives

11) Word Pairs

12) Noun Agreement

13) Relative Pronouns

14) Coordinating Conjunctions

15) Usage

16) Redundancy

Outstanding, well-known sources for grammar and writing


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Ms. Meltzer has created additional SAT writing tests for you to test your understanding of grammar.



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